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Can patients with sensitive eyes wear contact lenses?

Many people with sensitive eyes wear contact lenses without there being any serious threat to their eyes’ health. As long as the wearer knows of the issue, has been carefully fitted, and makes regular visits to the eye doctor, there is very little risk of damage to the eye. However, they may experience a certain degree of discomfort. Patients with sensitive eyes may not be able to wear their lenses every day, and often cannot tolerate wearing lenses for as many consecutive hours as those with normal eyes. If irritation occurs, the best rule when it comes to dealing with your contact lenses is simply “when in doubt, take it out.” Then be sure to contact your eye practitioner.

Does my profession or hobby influence which type of contact lenses I should wear?

Yes, apart from your eyesight prescription, your work and hobbies should influence which type of contact lenses you choose. Do you want to use your lenses every day, or just 2-3 times a week? Do you work in a dusty or dry environment? Do you need to wear the lenses for long hours or even all day long? Do you have a hobby or practice a sport where lenses would be a better option than spectacles? These are just some of the things you should discuss with your optometrist when choosing your lenses.

I heard contact lenses had UV protection. Do I still need to wear sunglasses then?

Yes, you should always wear sunglasses to protect your eyes, because even with UV protection, contact lenses never cover the entire eye. They only cover the most important part of your eyes, but wearing sunglasses over your contact lenses will provide you with double the protection and healthier sight.

Can cheap, lower quality contact lenses hurt my eyes?

Contact lenses will not hurt your eyes, but cheap ones are generally more uncomfortable.

Should I look for specific content when buying contact lenses?

Not really. Let your optometrist guide you.

What is the difference between the many types of contact lenses on the market?
Contact lenses can be divided into 2 different categories:
  • Modality: 1 day, 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month lenses
  • Visual correction: single vision lenses, bi-focal/progressive lenses, lenses for astigmatism (Toric)

What does the expiry date on the box mean?

The expiry date tells you what is the last day the contact lenses in the box can be used. It is important not to mix this with the period of time that the contact lenses can be used. That still remains 1 day, 7 days, 2 weeks or 1 month from the first moment you use the contact lenses (depending on the lens type).

Do I need to have an ophthalmic frame even if I use contact lenses?
It is recommended that you have an optical frame for a number of reasons: Most contact lenses (apart from silicone hydrogel lenses) are not comfortable to wear for more than 9-12 hours, which means you will probably need an alternative at some point during the day. It is also better to wear optical frames if you get a cold or during certain times of the year when you suffer from allergies.

Finally, it’s not essential, but it’s always a good idea to give your eyes 1 day “off” per week from contact lenses, like every Saturday for example.

Can contact lenses get lost inside my eyes?

No, they cannot get lost, but sometimes with thin 1-day contact lenses you might (very rarely) “fold” your lens on your eye if you rub it too hard. Normally, you can remove it yourself using a cotton bud, or with someone’s help.

Can anyone wear contact lenses without exceptions?

Generally, anyone with vision correction needs (who also wears glasses) can wear contact lenses. And in some cases, contact lenses might even be better for their vision than wearing spectacles.

Can I just go and buy contact lenses or do I have to check with my eye doctor/optician first?

You should always base your 1st contact lenses purchase on a prescription and with the guidance provided to you by your optometrist (or doctor).

What are 1-day contact lenses?

One-day contact lenses, or daily disposable lenses, can only be used once (1 day) and then thrown away, so you’ll be using a new pair of fresh contact lenses every day.

What are monthly contact lenses?

Monthly contact lenses are healthy and comfortable to use during 1 month. It is important to understand that the contact lenses are not suitable for use 30 days or 30 times over a longer period – i.e. 3-4 months – but are to be used within 30 days from the time the capsule is opened.

How can I know if I can sleep with my contact lenses?

At Magrabi, our contact lens specialists can guide you in the right direction. But, usually, you shouldn’t sleep with your contact lenses, even if they are made of silicone hydrogel (sihy). Lenses like Aura Flex, AIR OPTIX Aqua, NIGHT & DAY and Acuvue Oasys are OK to keep permanently on the eyes from 7 to 30 days, depending on which of the lenses you choose.

Does it hurt when I put contact lenses in my eyes?